Peter Singer’s Animal Liberation

                                                 Peter Singer’s Animal Liberation


            For those concerned with animal rights or the animal rights movement, and especially for those who are seeking to be involved in the movement, Animal Liberation by Peter Singer is a fundamental read. This book describes how Singer believes that the greatest measure of good per say is ethical behavior that should not be limited to only humans but should rather be applied to animals as well. Singer argues against speciesism meaning that he does not believe a particular species belongs to another. The most fundamental concept found within this book, however, is that of equal consideration. According to Singer this means that giving lesser consideration to a particular species is equivalent into the discriminatory nature of considering a human of a different skin color of lesser worth. Singer argues that one should be judged on the ability to feel pain as opposed to intelligence, which many who oppose the animals rights movement like to cite as their reason for their injustice.

            This book may not be one hundred percent agreeable to all, but regardless it is certainly a significant read for all those who are or wish to be involved in the animal rights movement. It allows for the development of a new insight into various perspectives that allows readers to comprehend the concept of equality in a broader sense than what we apply it to in human society.



Did You Know

Did you know about these 7 interesting cat facts?

  1. Cats cannot taste the flavor sweet.
  2. A cat's nose is as unique as a human's fingerprint.
  3. Cats can drink salt water.
  4. Most female cats prefer their right paws.
  5. Most male cats prefer their left paws.
  6. Cats are faster than Usain Bolt
  7. Cats use a variety of verbal communication techniques to communicate specifically with humans! 


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