Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ'S)

 What is Journey With My Pet?

Journey With My Pet is a social media website centered around pets! Want to document experiences and adventures? PetBook is the perfect place to create a documented journey of your pet’s life! Upload info about your pet; upload daily journals, pictures, and videos so that all your pet memories are easily accessible and shareable! Journey With My Pet is also here to help pet owners! We have a Lost and Found, Adopt a Pet, Pet Deals (to get you the most bones for your buck!), PetiPedia (never be short on pet-related information), Blogs, Forums, and much more! Our pets mean the world to us, and we know they mea the world to you too so we hope you enjoy our website as much as we do!

What is PetBook?

PetBook is the best way to document your pet’s adventures and experiences. Write an introductory statement; upload pictures, videos and much more! Use daily journal to record your memorable moments and share your PetBook with friends and loved ones.

How to Use My Dashboard?

Your dashboard is the control center of your presence on Journey With My Pet! Find other members, add pals (your friends), register your pets, manage adoption processes, volunteer, and much more! For specific instructions on how to use different dashboard categories please go to the specific question regarding that function.

What Is Pet Memorial?

Pets are our best friends, but unfortunately their lives are not as long as we wish they were. Nevertheless their presence lives on through memories, and Pet Memorial is a feature that allows you to capture those memories while honoring your pet’s life. Create a personal tombstone to remember your pet in a special way and share your memorial with friends and loved ones.

What Is PetiPedia?

PetiPedia is your source for all the information you could possibly want to know about pets! Read articles about adoption, pet training, and more, all while having the ability to share your knowledge by publishing your own articles! Since this is the beta version, if you have any issues with the formatting of your articles please contact:

What is Petictionary?

Petictionary is a fun little widget in which we transform any of your pet pictures into sketches! Upload a picture today to give it a try!

How Do I Report Inappropriate Content?

Click the green flag button to report any content you find inappropriate for the site! Please assist us in making sure that the site remains a friendy and safe environment!


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Enjoy your time on the site !!