Political Pets!

Most of the news recently has been centered around elections, especially in the United States, so we thought we would brighten up your day with a fun little post about some politicians that are a little furrier than the norm!

  • In 2012 a dog named Satchel ran for president alongside Obama and Romney. Who wouldn't love to see a pup in the oval office?
  • The town of Lajitas Texas has had not one, not two, but THREE goats as its mayor!
  • Virginia is a state driven by politics, so it isn't a shocker that the political enthusiasm was passed down to its pets! A cat named Hank once ran for the VA Senate!
  • Sunol, CA once had a dog named Bosco as its honorary mayor!
  • The U.S isn't the only country going through this pet frenzy, Morris, a cat, had a popular campaign while he was running for the mayor of a Mexican city!

We hoped you enjoyed those fun facts! Do you know of any pets in politics? Leave your comments down below!



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